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Every business will succeed or fail because of the quality and motivation of their most important resource – their people. Investing in the lives, learning and encouragement of the human resources of a business, government or not-for-profit group through seminars, workshops and retreats can be the difference you need. Here are just a few areas where learning can be profitable.

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"Grant is always well prepared for sessions that he manages. He has a very inclusive style that encourages dialogue and participation while keeping discussions focused and on track"

Doug Yungblut, President
Yungblut & Associates Consulting

"Our Staff have thoroughly enjoyed listening and learning from Grant Fairley!  I have received very positive feedback from his sessions, we had to have him come back a second time! Grant is engaging, funny and very professional, we would highly recommend him."

Zione Mupesa
Human Resources Clerk


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The Value Of Seminars Workshops And Retreats


Team Building – A seminar is an excellent tool to help the team step outside of itself and think about the big picture. It also is a way to learn more about yourself and the others on your team and how that all fits together. With a renewed sense of who “WE” are – there is new energy and commitment to each other. You also find yourself a bit more tolerant of those personality types who are not like “ME”.

Sales Training – For those who have to keep their edge to be effective in sales and marketing, training is always a refresher and a chance to exchange the war stories of life on the battlefield of selling. People in sales are always looking for a new idea or tactic that can help them get that potential sale across the finish line.

Conflict Resolution – Where there are people there will be conflict. That’s life. But in the workplace – conflict can drain personal energy and change the focus from customer service and sales to duck and cover. A workshop allows people to vent and then rebuild the trust relationships.

Leadership – This is often seen as a topic for just the senior management. The truth is that you have leaders all through the organization. We often assume that they know how to lead because it may be a small group or area of responsibility. Poor leadership – even in small groups – can create conflicts and poor performance.

Customer Service – The battle to keep each member of your organization focused on serving the customer never ends. Having a seminar on customer service can remind everyone of the choice every customer always has – to buy that good or service here – or somewhere else. That will affect your bottom line.

Technology – Many dollars are spent on upgrades of software and hardware. Without adequate training, those upgrades will never produce the gains in productivity and effectiveness that they might.

Community – Groups that serve the community face many of the same pressures to perform and compete as a business does. Instead of sales, it is those valuable donor dollars that go to one organization or another. Add to that the extra challenge of working with volunteers! Training is essential to keeping the spark in community groups.

Encouragement – Good seminars will encourage you. This can add some “oomph” to you and your work. You’ve been away from the routines and the same old/same old. The seminar has reminded you of the important part that you play in the lives of the rest of your group. The value of your work as part of your life has been affirmed. You now have something extra to share.